Best Essential Oils For Sexual Massages

Oils can help increase sex drive because they contain the chemical constituents of their respective plants. To do a sex massage, all you need are some good essential oils that have libido and sex drive increasing properties.

Here is some oil which is best for sex drive and other bedroom issues which you can try:

1- Benzoin 

Benzoin has a quality that enhances the sexual desires of both men and women. The oil can help relax you and provide a sense of joy.

2- Camphor oil

Camphor oil is also known to help with erectile dysfunction as it helps stimulate bloodstream to the genital areas.

3- Cinnamon

Cinnamon can arouse the spirits and is a warming oil that helps with flow. It is having abilities to help you relax and recline after a hard day.

4- Jasmine oil

Jasmine oil is not just pleasant smelling but some studies recommend massaging the penis with jasmine oil to get more immeasurable erections.


This oil has the elements of the herb that make it useful for stiffness, weakness, premature ejaculation, and more.

6- Fennel seed oil

It helps increase milk excretion, decrease cramps caused by menstruation and also increase the libido in men and women.

As always, when using oils for the first time, be sure to perform a skin patch test to make sure there is not an allergic reaction of any kind.

Live Healthy and Live Long

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